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About BMJ

BMJ started out over 170 years ago as a medical journal, publishing our first research paper.
Now, as a global brand with a worldwide audience, we help medical organisations and clinicians tackle today's most critical healthcare challenges.

Today, our expertise extends to medical education, clinical decision support and quality improvement to enhance day to day decision-making and healthcare delivery.

However, our core objective remains unchanged. We continue to support medical professionals and organisations in improving the delivery of healthcare. We do this by publishing new academic research, providing professional development solutions and creating clinical decision support tools.

Introduction to the Course

BMJ and Fortis C-DOC New Delhi are pleased to announce a new Course in Diabetes, which will help physicians improve their theoretical and practical resources to manage diabetes in an effective manner.

India has the second highest number of diabetics in the world, at about 65 million, after China, and this figure is likely to reach 80 million by 2030. Recent study shows that seven out of 10 diabetics in India - especially those in the 20-24 age group - do not take enough steps to control their blood sugar level - even after diagnosis. In this context it becomes essential that there are educational initiatives that aid the healthcare community in clinical diagnosis and management of diabetes.

This diabetes course will meet these challenges by helping physicians improve their knowledge of diabetes, its diagnosis and management. The course is delivered online, with a structured intermittent contact programme and the final assessment.

About The Royal College of Physicians

The Royal College of Physicians and BMJ India are organisations with complimentary values, both placing patients at the very centre of what we do. By joining together and creating this unique partnership we have an opportunity to reach more physicians and play a part in combating the rising burden of diabetes in India.

The Royal College of Physicians is a world leader in postgraduate medical education. We deliver a wide range of projects aimed at strengthening health systems and improving medical standards across the globe. Our work spans high-, middle- and low-income countries, ranging from clinical skills workshops in rural Nigeria to accreditation work and guideline development in the Middle East. We also develop and coordinate the globally-recognised MRCP(UK) exams as part of the Federation of the Royal Colleges of Physicians.

About Fortis C-DOC Hospital for Diabetes

Fortis C-DOC Centre of Excellence for Diabetes, Metabolic Diseases & Endocrinology is one of the best centres in India dedicated to delivering world-class care and management of diabetes, related metabolic diseases and endocrine disorders. Besides providing protocol based standardised treatment of Diabetes and metabolic diseases, it is committed to provide training of healthcare professionals.

Course Directors

We are proud to offer this certification course, particularly since it has been prepared with profile of Indian patients of diabetes in mind ; reviewed and quality controlled by top experts from UK. This carefully prepared curriculum. I am sure this would prepare Indian physicians to manage diabetes confidently.

Dr. Prof Anoop Misra, MD
Chairman, Fortis-C-DOC Centre of Excellence for Diabetes, Metabolic Diseases and Endocrinology
Chairman, National Diabetes, Obesity and Cholesterol Foundation (N-DOC)
Director, Diabetes and Metabolic Diseases, Diabetes Foundation (India) (DFI)

BMJ India is glad to announce its partnership with Fortis C-DOC Centre of Excellence for Diabetes, Metabolic Diseases & Endocrinology in New Delhi to provide educational support for health professionals to improve care for people with diabetes in India.

We are delighted to be involved in this initiative to help doctors learn more about this condition and really make a difference to diabetes care across the country.

Dr. Dean Jenkins, FRCP
Course Director, Medical Education Adviser, BMJ,
Editor-at-large, BMJ Case Reports, Co-founder BMJ OnExamination